The lagging economy has claimed another victim: the campground investment conference organized by Affinity Group Inc. (AGI) and David Gorin & Associates for Feb. 4-6 in McLean, Va.
Gorin announced the cancellation in a brief posting Monday (Jan. 19) on the conference website.
He elaborated on the reasons for the cancellation in an e-mail to the conference speakers. He said in part:
“The cancellation is the latest casualty of the current economic meltdown being experienced by the RV, hospitality and financial services industries and in almost all other business sectors throughout the U.S,” said Gorin. “The quality of those who registered certainly encouraged us to continue our efforts up to this point to attract a larger audience, but the economy and perhaps the timing of the event made it impossible to attract a sufficient number of attendees that would help assure that the conference was of value to all. Unfortunately, we were unable to reach that objective at this time.”
He continued, “It was the judgment of all concerned with organizing and planning the meeting that the expected turnout would not be sufficient to warrant the expense for all and that the conference would not meet expectations of both attendees and speakers.”
Gorin, who had initially scheduled the conference for last fall but postponed it due to economic conditions, still held out hope that the event can be revived at a later date.
“We are greatly disappointed at this turn of events and can only hope that when the economic conditions improve, we can once again provide this type of valuable meeting for the park industry,” he said.
All registration fees will be refunded by check within the next 10 days, according to the website posting.
The organizers had revamped the conference agenda in recent weeks to make it more in tune with current events.