Some RV manufacturers and dealers have the inaccurate perception that campground operators are not adapting their facilities to accommodate bigger RVs and RV enthusiasts’ demand for more amenities, according to a top campground association official.

National Association of RV Park and Campgrounds (ARVC) Senior Vice President and COO Linda Profaizer recently told attendees at the Southern Campground Conference in Myrtle Beach, S.C., that the campground industry is keeping pace with the demands of the Baby Boom generation.

“We know that the baby boomers are more discerning, we know that they do want a quality site,” Profaizer told the gathering. “They definitely are asking for more things than before. But I do feel that we definitely have quality camping sites available and we need to change this perception on the part of the RV manufacturer and the dealer.”

RVs have gotten bigger, and campground operators are keeping pace by providing larger campsites, including those that can accommodate slideouts, Profaizer said. RV park owners are widening roads and to allow for larger campsites sites, often combining two existing sites to make one, she said.

“More sites are being built to accommodate slideouts with 65 to 70 feet lengths and 30 to 35 foot widths,” she said. “And the hookups are in the middle of the site, again to accommodate the slideouts.”