America’s “love affairs with e-mail and the Net” have led to private campgrounds and state parks becoming “wired”
in increasing numbers, according to the Chicago Tribune.

“For though we may say that we want to take the family away from it all — to commune with Ma Nature in the great outdoors — it appears that a good number of happy campers also want to e-mail grandpa from a campground in
Montana, send an audio-visual ‘postcard’ from a state park in Indiana, check the office in-box or tap their travel diary on a laptop,” the newspaper noted.

“Our customers are saying there’s a need, and the parks have been reacting to it by putting in Internet access,” Linda Profaizer, vice president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), told The Tribune. “We are a society that needs to be in touch with everyone when we want to — that’s just the way we are these days.”

Profaizer estimated 31% of RV parks and campgrounds provide some type of Internet access.