With most of the country’s commercial RV parks and campgrounds now open, the Memorial Day weekend – the traditional beginning of the summer vacation season – is seeing upward trends in reservations.
According to estimates from the Woodall’s/ARVC RV Park and Campground Survey, more than $3.8 billion was spent last year by RVers and campers in local communities as they visited the nation’s commercial RV parks and campgrounds from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
The Woodall’s/ARVC RV Park and Campground Survey is an ongoing research program conducted by Michigan State University. First rolled out in spring 2004, the survey collects weekly occupancy numbers and economic spending patterns from participating parks and campgrounds. According to the survey, the highest overall average occupancy rate throughout the U.S. last year was reported for the July Fourth weekend – nearly 80% – and the highest occupancy rates were Friday and Saturday nights.
The survey predicts a similar pattern for this Memorial Day weekend, with the expectation that Sunday will be another high occupancy night.
“We are just beginning to experience peak RV and camper travel,” said Linda Profaizer, ARVC president and CEO. “Easter weekend alone saw occupancy levels rise to an average of 51%. Last year occupancy approached 77% over Memorial Day and we can expect the same for this holiday weekend.”
There are 124,865,541 site nights available for occupancy in commercial RV parks and campgrounds, according to the Michigan State University survey and there are more than 1 million sites available in 8,000 commercial RV parks and campgrounds throughout the U.S.
With an average occupancy of 77% last Memorial Day across all campgrounds participating in the survey, that translates to 96,146,466 occupied site nights.
The survey also estimates that the average spending per party per campsite in local communities near the campgrounds, not including campsite fees, is $324 for the holiday weekend.