The still-uncontrolled threat of the Ferguson Fire and the increasing presence of smoke has caused reservations to drop at High Sierra RV Park in Oakhurst, Calif., according to the park’s General Manager Kathy Frye, whose park is about 10 miles away from the blaze.

“We were packed in the weeks before the fire started,” she told Woodall’s Campground Management (WCM), sister company to RVBUSINESS.com. “But now we have quite a few openings.”

Authorities shuttered parts of Yosemite National Park earlier in the week and Frye explained that High Sierra is only about 10 miles from the flames.

“They have the fire around 30% contained, and God willing, we won’t see any damage due to the fire,” she said.

Right now, Frye is dealing with an influx of cancellations. “We have quite a few campers from Europe that are still showing up and we are directing them to other activities besides Yellowstone,” she noted.

Frye blames poor forest upkeep for allowing the wildfire to start in the first place.

“We have been getting a lot of rain the last few years, but this past year we didn’t get as much snow pack,” she explained. “Officials don’t let people in the forest to take out the dead trees and care for the vegetation and that is what leads to a lot of these fires.”

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