Camping World Inc., a leading retailer of RV parts and accessories, announced today (June 8) termination of its cooperation agreement with Seffner, Fla.-based RV dealer Lazydays RV SuperCenter, effective immediately.

According to a press release, Bowling Green, Ky.-based Camping World has officially notified Lazydays of its termination of the cooperation agreement that was signed by local Tampa entrepreneur and philanthropist Don Wallace in 1995. During the tenure of the agreement while Don Wallace owned Lazydays, this partnership “not only benefited both companies financially but also directly led to the creation of significant job placement for the greater Tampa community.”

Since Don Wallace sold the Lazydays dealership in 2004, Camping World maintains, the dealership has operated under two separate business owners. Camping World said that these changes to the company, established in 1976, had a detrimental effect over the years.

Lazydays CEO John Horton, when called late Friday afternoon, was unavailable for comment.

Camping World, a 1,500-employee company operating more than 90 locations, maintains that its Seffner-based parts and accessories store has been a fixture in the Tampa market and, historically, has been the top-selling retail location for the company.

Camping World said that a principal point of the cooperation agreement was that Lazydays was to only purchase parts and accessories from its Seffner location. On several occasions, the Kentucky-based retailer maintains, Camping World has notified Lazydays of the breach of contract.

Wallace and Lazydays are now locked in a suit and counter suit over the fate of the land underneath the Lazydays dealership. Through a company called I-4 Land Holding Limited Co., Wallace still owns the land under the dealership he founded in 1976, one of the nation’s high profile dealerships.