Over the last few months, Camping World Goodwill Ambassadors have been visiting temporary housing sites throughout Louisiana to provide hurricane evacuees with operational information on their recreational vehicles.
“Living in a house and living in an RV are two entirely different scenarios,” said Mark Boggess, CEO for the Bowling Green, Ky.-based RV accessories retailer. “There are a number of things that must be done in order to properly maintain an RV that most people with little or no experience with RVs are unaware of.
“Evacuees have enough to worry about already without having to add RV maintenance to their list. The Goodwill Ambassadors are helping to lighten their loads by doing all that they can to make the upkeep feel like part of their daily routines.”
Goodwill Ambassadors serve as a liaison between Camping World and consumers and campgrounds. While their primary focus is to circulate information about the company, their roles have recently been expanded to include representing Camping World at all of the FEMA campgrounds to assist occupants with adjusting to life in an RV.
At each campground, seminars are held that address such topics as: chemicals and their proper use, recommended products to use or not use with an RV, RV maintenance and differences between living in a house, and living in an RV. Information is also given to campground managers on products available at Camping World.
“Adjusting to a new home is difficult for anyone, but in circumstances such as the ones these hurricane evacuees have encountered this year, it can be extremely overwhelming,” said Louisiana Goodwill Ambassador Pat Long. “We are happy to be able to do our part in aiding in the recovery effort taking place in Louisiana while continuing the tradition of superior service to RVers.”