Jumping on board the nation’s makeover craze, RV retailer Camping World performed a redesign on a 1989 Airstream at the company’s headquarters in Bowling Green, Ky.
According to a report in the Bowling Green Daily News, Camping World launched a nationwide contest with the free makeover, upgrading the interior of a coach owned by Dr. John Erskine and his wife, Sebrina.
“We’re having an RV makeover and this whole thing was to kick it off,” said Chad Selvidge, senior vice president of marketing and merchandising at Camping World. “This is our first time, and we’re going to see if it resonates like we think it will.”
Vince Milam, senior director of marketing for Camping World, described the application process for the contest.
“We’re going nationally with our customers to have them write in 400 words or less why they want their RV interior made over,” he said. “They’ll send in a picture and we’ll go through and see who’s the most deserving. There’s only one winner nationwide that we’ll select.”
Amanda Jent, who designed the Erskine makeover, noted, “It was definitely a challenge. The main challenge that we had was the time constraints. Other than that, it was a very exciting project.”
Jent decided on a retro feel to retain Airstream’s classic image. Accents included bull’s-eye circles on the pillows and adjustable, cone-shaped overhead lamps. Other touches were clouds painted in the bedroom, reclining leather passenger chairs, a satellite radio boombox in the front seat, and a whole new decor.
“I was blown away,” John Erskine said., “at the craftsmanship, the materials and the design, I mean, every part of it.”