The Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada recently announced the launch of a new Pre-Owned Certified Inspection Program.
According to a press release, the program offers a multi-point inspection for any pre-owned RV, validating the condition of the RV before the consumer makes a purchase. RVDA of Canada said the pass/fail inspection gives the purchaser a full overview of the pre-owned RV.
Aspects of the program include:
• Lending validity to the inspections that dealers are already performing.
• Creating an attractive, noticeable national seal for consumer awareness, setting RVDA dealers apart
• Directing more used units to RVDA member dealerships.
• Ensuring that the inspection is done by certified technicians, to guarantee the unit is reliable for use.
• Generating revenue for dealer members providing service,
• Ultimately encouraging the mandatory inspection of pre-owned units.
The certificate of inspection form is a standards-approved checklist for dealers to complete to ensure they have inspected all applicable components of the unit.
RVDA of Canada said the form must be completed in full by a licensed RV technician who will sign the completed inspection certificate. A unit must pass all items on the checklist before receiving the pre-owned certified seal.
Pre-owned RV inspection kits can be ordered from RVDA of Canada. The kits include a numbered certificate of inspection form, pre-owned certified seal with space provided for the corresponding certificate number and inspection date, and artwork for brochures and posters for marketing purposes.