The directors of Canada’s national campground organization — Campgrounds*Campings Canada (CCC) — will meet March 2 in Toronto to discuss creating a nationwide campground rating system.

“Ultimately what we would like to see is a national rating system that is consistent through the provinces,” said CCC President Peter Bingeman, a partner in Country Gardens RV Park, Kitchner, Ontario.

Four provinces — Prince Edward Island (PEI), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland — are members of Camping Select, a not-for-profit cooperative rating system that provides independent inspectors. The Quebec association has its own rating system.

“The Ontario assocaition is looking for something new, and British Columbia and Alberta want to join Camping Select,” Bingeman said.

The two-tiered system rates campgrounds on amenities and on-site and nearby recreation. Campgrounds are rated between one and five stars in half-star increments, and receive ratings in both categories.

Bingeman said establishing a national system patterned after Camping Select has several advantages. “Ratings are full of danger, especially for the provincial organization,” he said. “One thing the national board can do is take some heat off the provincial groups.”

CCC Executive Director Don Mockford said a rating system benefits consumers and campground owners.

“Campground owners in Canada feel it’s beneficial for the consumer to be able to compare apples to apples to know what he is getting,” Mockford said. “Another benefit is that it gives the campground owner a yardstick to help him decide what he wants to do and what kind of campground he wants to operate.”

At the meeting, CCC directors also will consider establishing a marketing campaign aimed at U.S. and European campers.

The CCC represents about 1,500 campground members in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, PEI, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Alberta and New Brunswick.