A Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, official stated this week that she believes overnight parking of RVs at the local Wal-Mart should be banned and the Canadian city’s zoning ordinance gives the power to declare a ban, according to the Whitehorse Starr.
No vote was taken Monday on the suggestion by City Council member Yvonne Harris, in part because the council is not unanimous in its opposition to RVers parking for free on the Wal-Mart lot.
Earlier, the Whitehorse council decided to seek help from the Association of Yukon Communities to amend the territory’s Motor Vehicles Act to give local governments more authority to limit parking on private property. But Harris believes that’s unnecessary because RVers parking overnight at Wal-Mart currently are violating a city ordinance.
She said RVers parking for free at Wal-Mart are taking business away from local campground operators who have made significant investments to provide facilities for their customers. She said the city government should work with campground operators “to ensure Whitehorse is seen as an RV-friendly city,” according to the newspaper.
However, Councilman Mel Stehelin said RVers parking at the Wal-Mal, which is near downtown, are shopping at many of the 30 or 40 other downtown businesses, giving the retail district a boost, The Star reported.