According to a Canadian national poll by Investors Group, Baby Boomers are set to redefine retirement with far more active and ambitious plans for their golden years than current retirees, including joining the recreational vehicle owner ranks.
“As we have seen throughout their history, Baby Boomers are redefining each phase of life they reach,” says Debbie Ammeter, vice president of Advanced Financial Planning for Investors Group. “They are set to redefine retirement just like they redefined their teenage years with hula hoops and rock and roll.”
The national poll conducted for Investors Group by Decima Research found a sharp contrast between the retirement plans of Canadian Baby Boomers and the lifestyle of current retirees.
For example, 56% of working Baby Boomers today (poll respondents between the age of 45-54) say they plan to get away for some or a lot of the harshest months of winter in retirement, while only 27% of current retirees head south for the winter.
Some other responses concerning retirement:
* 28% plan to purchase motorhomes, vacation property or boats in their retirement, while only 15% of retired Canadians said that they plan to make or have made such a purchase in their retirement
* 59% of Canadian Baby Boomers plan to devote a lot of their time to hobbies in their retirement, while only 45% of retired Canadians do so today.
* 82% plan to do some or a lot of physical recreational activities, while only 64% of retired Canadians report doing the same.
“The Baby Boomers’ shadow of influence is as long as ever,” says Ammeter. “The research also shows that the retirement attitudes of working Canadians trailing the Baby Boomers (aged 18-44), are quite similar to the Boomers, which suggests the Boomers are once again redefining an important life stage, not only for themselves, but for generations to follow.”