A Canadian RV rental firm of significant size has gone into receivership, according to Brian Gronberg, president and CEO of CanaDream, another Canadian RV rental firm.

Gronberg did not identify the firm that is in receivership, although he did describe the financially troubled company as one of CanaDream’s “largest competitors whose locations across Canada mirrors many of the CanaDream locations.”

As a result of the competitor going into receivership, Gronberg said, “CanaDream has received inquiries from group of international wholesalers to work with CanaDream in pricing their bookings for the upcoming season.”

In other matters, Gronberg reported that CanaDream’s new Associate Dealer Program “has been well-received by the RV industry.” The program allows participating dealers to buy motorhomes from CanaDream’s fleet and then act as CanaDream’s agent within the dealer’s territory.

In return, CanaDream provides participating dealers with “turnkey management systems for earning a percentage on all of the booked prepaid net rental revenue.”

The program also allows CanaDream to expand into new territories without additional capital cost, Gronberg said.

CanaDream-owned locations are in Calgary, Whitehorse, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.