Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada recently launched a new national campaign to promote the important economic contribution the RV industry makes across Canada.
The announcement on Parliament Hill in Ottawa marks a new more proactive role for RVDA in informing politicians and the public about the role of RVing in Canada.
The RVDA of Canada is a professional trade association for all businesses involved in the RV industry. The Association’s newly formed government relations strategy consists of the following initiatives:
* The need for recognition from the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC). There is currently no recognition of RVing as a distinct and important part of tourism in Canada.
* The need for Canadian Heritage’s Parks Canada to provide more serviced campsites for the increasing number of Baby Boomers wanting to take their families for vacations in Canada. Canada can become the RV destination in North America but will need to have adequate and up-to-date facilities.
* The need for nationally recognized signage for RV repair facilities. The industry would like to see Transport Canada introduce highway signage indicating RV repair facilities.
* The need to level the uneven playing field caused by the Finance Department’s elimination in 1996 of the National Input Tax Credit on used vehicles. RVDA believes there are ways to remedy the unfair competitive situation that dealers now find themselves in.
* The need to attract and train new employees, as befitting an emerging and growing industry.
In the months to come, the RVDA of Canada and its members plan to actively pursue these initiatives.