Some Florida campground operators are worried that Canada’s weak dollar and soft economy will reduce the number of Canadian visitors this winter, according to the Tampa Tribune newspaper.

However, some other campground operators and tourism officials interviewed by the newspaper said they are unconcerned because the Canadian economy and currency have been weak for quite some time when compared with the U.S. economy and dollar. So, Canadians have adjusted, in their view.

“We heard some grumbling when (Canadians) left last spring,” said Yvonne Pederson, spokeswoman for Bell-Aire Investments, operator of 17 RV parks in central Florida, who was quoted by the Tampa newspaper. “Most of the people who aren’t coming back are Canadians. They can’t afford to because their dollar isn’t worth much here.”

Currently, the value of one Canadian dollar is near an all-time low of 65 cents in terms of U.S. currency.

About 1.97 million Canadians visited Florida last year, a 16% increase from the 1.69 million Canadians who visited Florida during 1999.

The harsh winter last year is considered by many the reason for the increase in Canadian visitors to Florida, which is why at least one travel agent from Toronto is hopeful.

“It’s too hot in Canada this summer for many to think about Florida,” said travel agent Sally Dale, as quoted by the Tampa newspaper. “The (Canadian) dollar’s been pretty bad for quite some time, our clientele is always going to go.”