CanaDream Corp. CEO Brian Gronberg was a recent guest with James West of MidasLetter. He describes his company’s ‘Experience Canada at your Own Pace’ approach to recreational vehicle-based vacations for visitors to Canada, and how that approach has resulted in his company’s recent delivery of 20 cents per share in earnings on record revenue of $28.5 million for the last nine months.

The following is a partial transcript from the interview. To access the entire conversation click here.

James West Brian, thanks for joining us today.

Brian Gronberg Thanks, James. Thanks for having us on.

James West So Brian, can you give me an overview of what exactly is the value proposition for investors in CanaDream?

Brian Gronberg We’re a hard-working company that respects everybody’s invested money to grow the company to something greater and bigger in the future.

James West I see. And what exactly does CanaDream do?

Brian Gronberg We promote the opportunity to experience Canada at your own pace as our guest or customer in a CanaDream motorhome, which are custom-designed, quality built, well-maintained for the purposes of our guests or customers.

James West Okay. So essentially, it’s an RV rental business?

Brian Gronberg Well, we don’t like to use the word ‘RV rental’ and the brand voice is, as I say, experience Canada at your own pace. Our product, ultimately, is the experience our guests or customers have in a motorhome of Canada, and the memories that they gain.

James West I see. And how does that differentiate from just a straight-up RV rental operation?

Brian Gronberg It differentiates on the basis that an RV rental operation, the key and the philosophy and the focus of the company is that I own an RV and you should rent it from me. Our focus is that Canada is an amazing country for us to live, and as a tourism destination, and you should come and visit it and spend time either as our guest in our motor home, or in purchasing a previously experienced guest motor home, experience with your family and friends as you wish.

James West I see. So you’re providing additional information or you’re a resource for where to go as well as how to go?

Brian Gronberg That’s part of it, yeah. The whole promotion is that you pick up from one of the seven locations that CanaDream offers across the country, and experience the motor home for the time that you have in that general locale. So if you’re coming to Calgary, obviously you’re going to spend time in Banff, being the tourism icon of the area, but in the Calgary area, of course, there’s just a myriad of things that you can do; as can be the same statement made anywhere you might go in Canada. And to that end, we aggregate tourism product to the experience that our guests or customers are going to have; we make that product available throughout what we call the CanaDream club, which they can book online, or they can download a CanaDream club app onto an iPad and ask the questions of the type of experience that they want where they’re at, and book it online as they’re travelling, and save money.

To access the entire interview click here.