RV rental firm CanaDream Corp. reports that its reservation volume for the May-through-October period is up 62% when compared with its bookings as of a year ago for the May-through-October portion of 2002.
Additionally, CanaDream’s revenue nights are up 70% and its overall reservations revenue is up 77% when compared with mid-January 2002, according to Brain Gronberg, president and CEO.
Much of CanaDream’s business comes from Europeans visiting Canada, and its increase in reservations suggests that Europeans are willing, in greater numbers this year than last, to travel to Canada for their vacations. CanaDream’s reservations from Germany are up 69% while they are up 142% from the Netherlands and 344% from Switzerland.
From Canada, CanaDream’s reservations also are up 21%. Reservations from the United Kingdom are down 26%.
CanaDream “operated very close to full capacity utilization last July, August and September,” Gronberg said. “Therefore, the effect of increased bookings on our earnings for the year ended April 30, 2004, will also be determined by the size of our fleet available for the upcoming season.”
Decisions about ordering new units for CanaDream’s fleet for the coming season will be made soon, Gronberg added.
CanaDream owns and operates six rental locations in Calgary, Vancouver, Whitehorse, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax. It also has associate dealers in Edmonton, St. John’s and Kelowna, B.C., and it is “actively engaged in adding additional franchises.”