Keeping tabs on its fleet of more than 800 rental RVs valued in the millions was a challenge for Calgary-based CanaDream Corp., one of the largest RV rental companies in Canada.

According to a press release, that situation improved when the company began using RV|ID, an RV-specific GPS-based tracking solution developed by Red Lantern Labs. To date, CanaDream is using RV|ID in over 90% of its rental fleet.

“We initially wanted the service for asset recovery,” said Brian Gronberg, CanaDream’s president. “We value knowing where our RVs are, where they went, where they stopped, and if they are moved without authorization. In the event of an accident or theft, it’s critical that the RV’s location be pinpointed in real time and that law enforcement be notified.”

Gronberg noted that the system also sends alerts when RVs are being driven excessive miles and has a virtual odometer that tracks mileage independently of the vehicle’s odometer to help combat odometer fraud. “Having that information handy has eliminated any disputes with customers who might argue about the distance they drove in one of our RVs,” said Gronberg.

Gronberg said he is planning to add Red Lantern Labs’ Smart RV safety and social networking tool to the CanaDream Club, an exclusive travel services and rewards program offered to CanaDream guests and customer.

“We’re a service-oriented company and want our guests and customers to have a safe and rewarding RVing experience as they explore the country,” said Gronberg. “We can monitor our guests’ trips and provide safety alerts, such as low battery, as well as make suggestions to enhance their enjoyment of Canada.”

To learn more about RV|ID, visit www.rv-id.com.