Presidential candidate Bob Graham is touring the Hawkeye State by RV in an effort to stand out from the rather crowded pack of Democratic presidential hopefuls vying to win the Iowa Caucus, according to the Hawk Eye (Burlington) newspaper.
The Florida senator is touring the state through Aug. 14 with 19 family members in two motorhomes on what is billed as a “Graham Family Vacation.”
Graham hopes the trip will help him gain vital ground in Iowa, where polls show him at the back of the Democratic pack vying for an early position in the 2004 presidential election. Graham had previously run effective election campaigns in the Sunshine State for both senator and governor.
“We’ve got to catch up,” he told the Hawk Eye in Lee County. “I think the way you do it is the way those who are in the lead did it. They spent a lot of time in Iowa up to two years before we did.”
Highlights of Graham’s “vacation,” as well as a full itinerary, are posted on www.bobiniowa.com, which features daily photos and news of his stops.