Part of the Atlantic Ocean shoreline in Wildwood, N.J.

Some condominium owners in Wildwood, N.J., near the Boardwalk’s southern end, are not happy campers since the city announced plans to possibly allow access on the wide beaches to recreational vehicles, the Cape May Herald reported.

“To use Cresse Avenue as egress for the RVs to come on and off (the beach) is not going to work,” said Mike McCardy, an Ocean Towers condominium owner. “There is too much traffic, there are too many children, there’s too many people. It’s going to create a public safety hazard.”

McCardy voiced concerns about allowing beach access to recreational vehicles during the June 27 City Commissioners’ meeting.

“We’re not here for campgrounds. It’s going to be an RV park, which is trailers. There is plenty of support within our community that we want to work with the city to find an amicable solution to not have RVs parked in front of us.”

McCardy also stated if an “amicable solution” could not be reached the condominium association would petition the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as well as filing an injunction to stop recreational vehicles from accessing the beach at Cresse Avenue.

In many places throughout the city vehicular access to the beach is limited by the width of openings. Cresse Avenue, however, allows trucks and other large vehicles to be taken onto the beach. According to Mayor Ernest Troiano, over 200 tractor-trailers used during the recent Kenny Chesney concert were brought onto the beach via Cresse Avenue.

“We want to work with the city to make everybody happy,” said McCardy. “But make no mistake, there is enough support within our community to hire a study and file an injunction against the city for the allowed use. We don’t want them. We want them on the southern side of the Convention Center.”

McCardy told commissioners the southern end of the city is a residential area. “We are residential. It’s more residential than towards the center where the piers are.”

“All the hotels across Ocean Avenue are not residential,” responded Troiano. “They are commercial.”

The city is looking at the possibility of bringing recreational vehicles on its beaches to help generate revenue.

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