A compact fuel cell with an RV application will be among the array of technology, products, equipment and RVs on display at Caravan Salon Dusseldorf, the annual international RV or “caravaning” trade fair in Germany Aug. 27 to Sept. 5..
According to Fuel Cell Today, SFC Smart Fuel Cell will be showcasing its new SFC A50 fuel cell, which weighs around 15 pounds and is “an attractive power-supply unit for RVs and mobile homes of all kinds.”
The unit would allow RVs to operate independently, without the exhaust and noise of a generator, and it can be reloaded in a matter of a few seconds.
Fuel Cell Today said the SFC A50 is powered by a single five-liter methanol fuel cartridge capable of delivering electricity for a five-to-10-day period, depending on the season and personal consumption.
The compact dimensions and relatively light weight allow the unit to be easily retrofitted and integrated into vehicle interiors.
Power supply is fully automatic because of the charge controller: Whenever battery voltage drops below a certain level, the SFC A50 is activated and recharges the battery. A remote-control unit is available as an accessory for easy operation from anywhere inside the vehicle.
SFC has developed the A50 fuel cell with Hymer AG of Germany.