The Marion County Health Department in Indiana is distributing over 10,000 flyers encouraging RV campers in the area for the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday to check their campers to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hazardous materials manager Jeff Larmour says the education outrea How To Win Your Ex Girlfriend Back After Along Time ch effort is a proactive approach to hopefully preventing illness or death from carbon monoxide poisoning, according to WIBC Radio.

Larmour says while CO poisoning in campers is relatively rare, there have been instances in Indianapolis during the month of May when problems have occurred.

The flyers encourage campers to check all of their connections and alarms and to conduct alarm tests if they haven’t already done so.

Flyers have been given to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for distribution within the track property, and the health department has delivered flyers to the largest surrounding properties that allow campers to park.

Smaller lots and private citizens in the area who allow camper parking and would like the flyers for distribution can contact the Marion County Health Department for more information.

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