Innovative firsts are synonymous with Carefree of Colorado, according to the company. From the first electric powered awning to the slideout cover to the exclusive Paramount awning, customers have come to expect that the next generation of product will come from Carefree. Named “Best in Class” by RV consumers two years in a row, Carefree is once again leading the way.

“Our customers understand that adding features or upgrades to an existing awning product is not true innovation,” said Mike Farmer, Carefree’s vice president of sales and marketing, in a press release. “They want game changers that enhance the user experience, accentuate the look of their product, and provide an aesthetic that draws the RV consumer to their brand. We have met those criteria and created the next generation of awning product for the RV consumer.”

The patent-pending Latitude allows the OEM designers freedom to position windows, doors, vents, lights, etc. without having to allow space for the vertical arms of traditional awnings. “From a design standpoint, the flexibility this brings is impactful.  It allows us to position the awning where we want it, not where it has to go,” said Pat Carroll of Jayco. “Additionally, the sleek design blends in, creating a more uninterrupted sidewall look while being more aerodynamic than traditional vertical arms.”

The consumer-friendly design is a response to feedback citing user experience with traditional vertical arm awnings. “We always have to worry about ducking or dodging an awning arm when extended” says Hal Leslie, a former full timer who owns a Class A product. “With this new design, that worry is gone. I also like the fact that this design doesn’t take away from my great paint job.”

Carefree’s patent pending Direct Response control system, also an industry first, is included. The motion-activated feature allows consumers to never again worry about leaving their awning unattended in windy conditions. The awning automatically retracts when affected by constant motion.

Consumers also weighed in when discussing what to do in the event of a power failure.  “I shouldn’t have to carry a power tool with me when I’m on vacation,” said Ty Fouchey, a Class C owner. “Carefree’s patent pending design allows me to quickly retract the awning without any tools if my power goes out.”

Available in Carefree’s all new fabric patterns, the Latitude comes in single and dual pitch models for maximum shade with no adjustments necessary and allows single touch extension and retraction. Designed for travel trailers and motorhomes, the Latitude is the latest innovation from Carefree that delivers quality, value, performance and style. Find out more information by calling Tim Nye at (574) 389-5071.