A 5,600-acre luxury South Carolina resort, offering residents a multimillion-dollar recreation campus, recently added a secure RV storage facility to its list of amenities.
According to the Carolina Morning News, Sun City Hilton Head developed a 10-acre storage area to accommodate as many as 216 recreational vehicles and/or boats.
It replaces the existing site, which housed only 100 vehicles and included no amenities.
The new storage area is lighted, has a secure entrance, is completely fenced in and includes water and electrical service, a washing facility, dump-tank area and emergency phone service.
The company reported that as demand grows, the facility can be expanded. Access to the area is from S.C. 170 where a bridge was installed.
“A new and improved RV storage area has been on the priority list of our residents for some time and we’re delighted to have completed this project,” said Sun City Hilton Head General Manager Ken Hull.
Hull said out-of-state residents who are visiting friends and relatives who live at Sun City Hilton Head have expressed an interest in being able to travel in their RVs to South Carolina and have a safe place to park them overnight.