Workers and executives at Carriage Inc., Millersburg, Ind., have been unusually busy the last few weeks because of strong order volume during the company’s dealer meeting in Indianapolis in late July, according to Peter Recchio, director of sales and marketing.

Order volume during the meeting was three-times greater than the company had ever experienced, Recchio said.

Prior to this year, Carriage’s best dealer meeting, in terms of order volume, occurred in the early 1990s, he said.

Carriage has nearly 200 dealers across North America and a record 80% attended the gathering.

Primarily known as a manufacturer of high-end towables with retail prices beginning at $50,000, Carriage experienced order volume growth this year largely because of the introduction of its mid-priced Cameo LXi series of travel trailers and fifth-wheels, Recchio said. The LXIi series ranges in length from 27- to 36-feet, retails for $20,000 to $40,000, and the models are light enough to be pulled by a 3/4-ton truck.

The new Carri-Go “hybrid Class C” was popular with dealers, Recchio said. It is “wider and taller than a Class B but has a Class B front-end.” It also features a sculpted cab-over and contoured sidewalls.

The Carri-Go is 23 feet long and comes in two floorplans. Base retail is “under $50,000” and a well-equipped model will retail round $60,000, Recchio said.