CellTuck-logo-290x62CellTuck announced the launch of a new fully-responsive website release.

“CellTuck knew the importance of giving choices to our clients,” said Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “It should be their choice on how their site is displayed, not ours. With that we’re excited to have released our beautiful wide website for consumers to visit on desktop computers paired with every option for mobile users.”

Clients may now choose how they want their sites displayed on mobile devices. “Our clients enjoy using all our widgets and the self-management ease of use of our Grid Builder software, and now all the widgets they love can be fully customized on their sites on the desktop version as well as in a fully responsive form,” Cellucci said.

In addition, CellTuck’s websites will adjust and conform to any mobile screen size, offering customers a feature rich and flexible site. Dealers can add any widget to any page and their site will respond.

“All Grid Builder widgets are now fully responsive,” said Cellucci. “Clients can still flip over to full mobile with a click. The mobile focused site is built to drive customers to units. When on mobile consumers have an option to deliver a full website to their mobile without the use of responsive or full mobile with CellTuck’s toggle.”

To learn more, visit http://www.celltuck.com/pages/responsive.