CellTuck_Logo_150CellTuck announced the launch of a new automated platform designed specifically for 360 virtual product tours.

According to a press release, the tours are available on three website pages, including the inventory browser, details page and below the floorplan thumbnail on all floorplan directory landing pages.

“When the icon is clicked, a window opens where the visitor can then enjoy the tour,” said CellTuck Director Angela Cellucci. “Our developers also made sure that the tours are available on our responsive sites, which is an important addition.”

She added, “Landing pages are an important part of any website. It gives an opportunity for the visitor to see all the floorplans for that brand. The addition of the 360 tours help bring the floorplans to life.”

CellTuck also created a platform for clients to add their own tours, according to Cellucci. “Recently some of our clients have contacted us asking for help. We all remember back in the day when tours were very popular in the industry. They kind of fell off for a while and it’s nice to see them resurface.”

To learn more about our 360 Virtual Tour Automation, click here.