CellTuck announced that the company has updated all client websites with Text SMS Widget that allows for quick and immediate response to inquiries.
“When a prospect uses the tool, an e-mail is delivered,” stated CellTuck Director Angie Cellucci in a press release. “The dealer clicks the provided link which then sends them right to the texting option of their phone. They reply to the prospect via text.
“Now that such a great majority of prospects are mobile, we knew the urgency was there for texting,” she added. “It was important to us to build a tool that meant zero out-of-pocket to our clients. We wanted to build it ourselves rather than use a third party.”
The dealer simply drags out the new Text SMS Widget and selects one person who will receive the lead — or can choose to have it sent to all team members. Dealers can change out who receives the e-mail and also customize the website tab message and placement of the tab.
“The awesome part of this design is that the dealer now has a lead with the name and phone number of the prospect stored in their phone which also gets stored in their CellTuck console,” Cellucci noted.  
Following beta testing, CellTuck ran the tool on a dozen client sites for nearly two weeks. “Seeing the high level of activity, we can’t imagine any dealer not taking advantage of it,” said Cellucci. “We are actively contacting each client now to walk them through easy setup.” 
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