ROLA Airfoil Car Top Carriers

Plymouth, Michigan – The ROLA brand began in Australia in 1980, and was brought to North America in 2007 by Cequent Performance Products of Plymouth, Michigan. ROLA has quickly become the flagship brand of Cequent’s cargo management products.

“We recently launched two new low profile car top carriers in the Airfoil collection. These U.S. made cargo boxes are very aerodynamic, stylish, durable, quiet, and lightweight,” states Gail Matheus, General Manager North America Automotive Products at Cequent. “Buyers are choosing ROLA products for their exceptional quality. The Airfoil SK box was designed for skis, snowboards and similar sporting goods. The Airfoil LG box was designed for luggage and other related cargo.”

Low Profile
ROLA Airfoils sit low on a vehicle’s roof, making it easier to get in and out of parking garages and residential garage door openings.

Aerodynamic and Stylish
Both Airfoils were designed specifically to ride with the wind. These carriers are considered “aero-neutral” because neither lift, nor down-force, is created while driving. Pleasantly, their streamlined look turned out to be exceptionally stylish and appealing. Ultraviolet protection was added to the materials to keep your Airfoil looking great a long time.

Airfoil cargo boxes have multi-directional stiffening ribs that are an exclusive design to the ROLA brand. These ribs reduce the tension, torsion and twist sometimes created by strong winds, or aggressive loading and unloading. All Airfoil styles went through a battery of tests in the Cequent Performance Products’ testing lab in Plymouth, Michigan. The carriers were tested at extreme temperatures between 140 degrees and -4 degrees Fahrenheit, and strength tests equivalent to a 35 mph crash.

To help reduce wind turbulence, ROLA created vortex generators to break up the wind on the bottom of the carriers – creating a quieter ride. A “nose buckle” was also developed to positively engage the front of the box and help prevent separation. When the Airfoil is mounted on ROLA cross bars, drivers get the quietest riding cargo carrier system in the world.

The Airfoil is lightweight and easy to load. Both the stiffening ribs and the vortex generators are made from advanced polymers and are molded right into all ROLA Airfoil designs. These features do not create additional weight on the top of the vehicle.

For more information on Cequent Performance Products: www.CequentGroup.com