unnamedCequent Performance Products (CPP) announced the release of its video series ION Cequent. According to a press release, the monthly program uses a newscast format to take the viewer behind the scenes of the company, its brands, customers, products, employees, sponsorships and more.

“Each episode contains something new, exciting, and informative about the many facets of our business and our brands,” said John Walsh, vice president of sales and marketing. “And including the CEO of our new parent company, Horizon Global, this month is a great way to introduce him and Horizon to our customers.”

This month’s episode includes a look at Cequent’s involvement in the competitive bass fishing circuit and a tour of a one-of-a-kind industry establishment. You’ll also hear from the CEO of Horizon Global, Cequent’s new parent company, as he discusses the company’s brands and the reason behind the name, Horizon.

To view the latest episode of ION Cequent, click: http://youtu.be/rEeqlGq6T64