Certified Green has upgraded the certification for the Coachmen Adrenaline and Forest River Work and Play solar toy haulers to “Emerald/Off Grid.” 

According to a press release, in the category of resource efficiency, the plant manufacturing the toy haulers recycles or reuses 75% of waste. They also utilize jig systems to reduce waste and maximize usage and use multiple components that are shipped in reusable containers. Several materials are cut to size while the RVs include nitrogen-filled tires which improve fuel economy.

The certification upgrade came in the energy efficiency category. The standard Adrenaline and Work and Play units are prewired for solar panels. Solar units are equipped with four 265-watt Jaboni solar panels, providing up to 100 amps of DC current. The solar package also includes a hybrid inverter. 

The toy haulers are water efficient by using low-flow kitchen faucets, showerhead and toilet. In addition, the water used for rain booth testing is recycled.

The toy haulers include very little carpeting, promoting healthier indoor air quality. Ductwork is located above the floor so dirt, dust and other contaminants aren’t being reintroduced into air while Azdel wall construction is resistant to water.