Cross Lander USA Inc., a company that will soon import Romanian/Brazilian-built sport utility vehicles (SUVs) into the U.S., is looking for an RV industry partner to build a small, low-priced motorhome on an imported chassis, said John Perez, president of the Miami-based firm.
Perez recently traveled to the Elkhart, Ind., area where he met with executives of several RV manufacturers about the possibility of producing a 20-foot motorhome on a 10,200-pound gross vehicle weight-rated chassis that would retail for around $29,000.
Perez said he was not free at this time to disclose with whom he spoke.
The motorhome Perez envisions would include a standard diesel engine, with gas as an option. It also would be “a four-wheel-drive, rugged-type vehicle” designed to appeal to the younger buyer who cannot afford the lowest-priced Class A or Class C motorhomes currently on the market, he said.
“It would have a luxurious but basic interior for camping over the weekend,” Perez said. “We’re looking for a joint-venture partner who has the same vision we do” so the retail price would not, over time, rise outside of the target price range.
Cross Lander is part owner of a factory in Romania where basic steel fabrication would take place and then the installation of the engine, transmission, tires, glass, electrical and other systems would be done at a factory in Brazil.
Perez has not yet selected the engine or transmission suppliers for the proposed motorhome chassis, but he said they would be suppliers who build products that satisfy U.S. regulations.
Cross Lander will begin importing Romanian/Brazilian SUVs in July or August and Perez hopes to begin importing motorhome chassis during the spring of 2004.
Perez said his inspiration for the motorhome chassis project is the Champion TransVan micro-minimotorhome of the 1970s and 1980s, of which he sold many when he owned Dodge and Chrysler/Plymouth auto dealerships in Atlanta during that period.