The Chicago suburb of Morton Grove may loosen its 20-year-old restrictions on parking trucks and RVs on residential streets to accommodate newer, better-looking vehicles and the growth of sport utility vehicles, according to the Morton Grove Champion.
Police Chief George Incledon said the village has had requests by residents to revise the restrictions put in place in a 1973 ordinance.
“The world has changed a little bit,” Incledon said. “The design of vehicles has changed and continues to change.”
The ordinance prohibits parking any commercial vehcile or RV on the street in a residential area between midnight and 6 a.m. Incledon said police enforce the ordinance primarily based on the type of license plate on a vehicle. Those with passenger plates are generally allowed to park and those with truck or RV plates are not.
Incledon said the village will need to get input from residents to determine what they want in the revised ordinance. The original measure was adopted at the request of residents, he said.
The village staff is expected to come up with a revised ordinance for consideration later this summer and Morton Grove residents will have a chance to comment on it when the Village Board reviews it, probably later this summer. The revised ordinance could be adopted by fall, the newspaper reported.