Temporary RV campground set up in South China Sea resort city of Haikou, Hainan Province, China, during recent camping forum.

Temporary RV campground set up in South China Sea resort city of Haikou, Hainan Province, China, during recent camping forum.

Editor’s Note: This report was provided by Kristine Zhang of United Recreational Vehicles LLC, an importer of the Chinese-made iCamp RV.

The Second China Camping Leisure Tourism Forum sponsored by China Tourism Association and Hainan Tourism Development Committee, co-organized by China Travel Service Association, China Tourism Automobile and Cruise Association, China Tourist Attractions Association, Haikou Tourism Development Committee and Beijing CenTech Camping Development Co. Ltd. (CRVC) was ceremoniously opened in Haikou, Hainan Province on Dec. 10.

Chen Cheng, the vice governor of Hainan Province, was present at the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Wu Wenxue, a member of the party organization in National Tourism Administration, vice chairman of China Tourism Association, director of planning and financial department, also gave a speech on the topic “Strengthen Industrial Integration and Boost the Development of China’s Camping Leisure Tourism.” Chen Yao, deputy director of Hainan Tourism Development Committee, also attended the forum.

This forum was an annual event following the First China Camping Tourism Forum in Guangxi. With the topic of “Build a Communication Platform for Camping Industry and Accelerate the Development of China’s Camping Industry,” the forum discussions focused on the development of China’s camping industry. With considering China conditions and experiences in other countries, the forum probed into a new way of camping leisure tourism with Chinese features with a circularly developing industry chain through participations of government and relevant agencies.

The forum participants, in addition to top officers from China national tourism administration and tourism associations, included guests from Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, as well as many China leisure products manufacturers and suppliers from 21 provinces and autonomous regions.

This forum specially invited Wang Yufeng, chairman of CenTech Group, Roger Sexton, chairman of Beston Pacific Asset Management Pty Ltd., Australia, Kazuhiro Akase, executive director of Japan Camping Leisure Association and general secretary of Asia-Pacific Committee of FICC, Chang kyung-woo, chairman of Korea Camping Association, Zeng Huashan, former chairman of Asia-Pacific Region of FICC, the chairman of the third and fourth Taiwan Camping Caravanning Club (F.C.C.C.) and F.C.C.C director; and Liu Wenxian, chairman of China Franchising Holding Investment Co. Ltd to gave speeches on relevant topics.

During the forum, an exhibition for camping products, campground construction and campground management as main contents also took place in exhibition hall Haikou Mingguang HNA Hotel and Haikou Holiday Beach CRVC Campground.

On the forum, Beston Pacific Asset Management Pty Ltd, the largest camp assets management company in Australia and Beijing Centech RV Camping Development Co. Ltd. (CRVC) signed a strategic cooperation agreement on camp management and consumer source sharing, and Hainan Tourism Development Committee and Shandong Tourism Association also signed an agreement with Beijing Centech RV Camping Development Co. Ltd respectively about the cooperation in planning, development and construction of camps within the province.

At last, the forum arranged the participants to visit and experience the “Haikou Holiday Beach CRVC Campground” constructed by CRVC and shared the experience in development of camping tourism and construction and management of camps.

Beijing Centech RV Camping Development Co. Ltd., the undertaker of successive second forums, established a leisure camp network under the brand of “CRVC” covering many famous places like Kanas in Xinjiang, “Dead Sea” in Sichuan, South China Sea Mouth of Hainan and Qinhuangdao in Hebei…

This forum will make more Chinese people know about and favor this new leisure vacation way, camping tourism and attract more international camping fans to experience camping tourism in China. Camping leisure tourism is becoming mature and will definitely give rise to bigger new markets, new demands and new business opportunities!

RVIA was asked (to attend) by chairman of Centech, but because of the timing conflict with Louisville Show they couldn’t go. This is an annual forum attended by China national tourism administration and tourism associations and administrative of many provinces and regions; those are the decision makers. This is the great opportunity for RVIA if they really want to go to China RV and Camping market.