Increasing numbers of Chinese are traveling wherever the road leads. China Daily reports that with growing demand for recreational vehicles in China and consumers’ shifting travel preferences, experts expect a surge in RV-related business across the country.

“More people are choosing to explore the countryside and hit the roads with recreational vehicles – a home on wheels,” said Li Xiang, a professor of tourism at Beijing UnionUniversity. “The idea of packing bags and heading out for wherever the road leads is the latesttrend among many outdoor enthusiasts.”

Beijing has seen campsites for RV enthusiasts popping up on its outskirts in recent years, including in suburbs like Fangshan, Huairou, Changping, Yanqing and Tongzhou, Li said.

According to the Beijing Tourism Development Committee, the suburbs are competing to become Beijing’s leading RV-friendly places.

Xu Jielin, a resident in Beijing, said he has always wanted to have a family vacation in a recreational vehicle, but the cost and maintenance has held him back.

“Compared with purchasing a mobile home or trailer, it’s easier to rent an RV at a suburban campsite in Beijing,” Xu said.

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