The question of where to park recreation vehicles when they are not on the road continues to vex communities generally throughout the U.S. and particularly RV owners themselves.
According to local news reports, the attitude of an increasing number of cities and towns is that RVs should be heard pulling out of the driveway, but not seen parked where they might offend neighborhood sensibilities.
Some examples:
• In San Ramon, Calif., two dozen people recently protested an ordinance that would ban RVs or trucks exceeding 2,000 pounds from parking in front of homes at all or on street-side setbacks unless they’re screened from the neighbor’s view by a fence. Some city resident said they couldn’t afford to store their units, according to Robert Jozatis, a San Ramon resident who promoted attendance at the hearing among his neighbors.
• Officials in the Dallas suburb of Richardson, Texas, recently reached a settlement with three residents who sued the city over an ordinance that restricted RV parking in their neighborhood. Both sides agreed that a law that was to go into effect last February – but has not been enforced – would be delayed until July 1, 2007, to allow owners more time to comply. The new law will prohibit RV parking in front of homes and requires that RVs parked in side or rear yards be screened from street view.
• A proposed ordinance in Covina, Calif., would restrict RVs from being parked overnight on residential streets, alleys or rights-of-way, and would prohibit entirely parking an RV on property in front of homes.
• An ordinance pending in Fort Morgan, Colo., would stop RVs, semi-trailers, construction vehicles and agricultural equipment from parking on city streets at any time except in “designated areas.”
• The Torrance, Calif., city council in January voted to prohibit motorhomes and other vehicles longer than 22 feet from being parked on city streets for longer than 24 hours. Other area communities, including Lawndale and Rancho Palos Verdes, are considering their own restrictions on where “oversized” vehicles can park.