Stacks and stacks of paper fill the make-shift office of North Dakota’ How To Get Ex Boyfriend Back s Williams County Planning and Zoning Department.

The city of Williston emerged into the public spotlight because of a proposed ban on people living in RVs – a situation that has been fueled by workers arriving to help with a housing shortage in the oil-boom town.

According to a report in the Williston Herald, the county is working feverishly to spur construction, including building additional RV parks.

“I am swamped – just like everybody else,” says Jill Edson, Williams County Planning and Zoning Administrator

During the first quarter of 2012 nearly $40 million worth of projects were permitted in Williams County – including three RV parks.

While the RV parks will help ease concern about banning them from parking within the Williston City limits, they won’t be ready anytime soon.

“The Williams County Commissioners instructed us to fast-track RV park applications,” Edson says.

The current applications will be reviewed in May by the planning and zoning commission.

Edson says the county expected a lot more interest in RV campgrounds. The three pending projects include a 30-acre park being planned by David Loyens in the Missouri Ridge Commercial Park; Bill Sheldon is seeking permission to build a 5-acre project with 38 lots in the Nesson Valley area; and Kevin Heinen is planning to build a 10-acre RV Park near 60th Street on the west side of US Highway 2.

A fourth campground called the Prairie RV Park is being planned in the Bakken Industrial Park – which is located within the city limits.

Edson says they have seen a lot of residential and commercial projects during the first three months of the year and they expect the pace to continue.

“They all want high density housing, townhomes and apartments,” she says. “There are a lot of people that really do want to help with the housing shortage.”