The average retail price of a Class A motorhome leaped 17.4% during 1999, presumably due to increased sales of diesel pusher units, which are more expensive than gas engine coaches.

According to data gathered by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), the average retail price of a Class A motorhome last year was $111,203, compared with $94,693 in 1998, the RVIA reported.

Class C motorhome price also increased 8.5% at the retail level to an average of $54,121 in 1999, compared with $49,863 in 1998.

Meanwhile, fifth wheel and folding camper retail prices were essentially flat, according to the RVIA.

Travel trailer retail prices climbed 3.5% in 1999 to $14,360, but fifth wheel prices increased only 0.8% to an average of $25,355. Folding camper average retail prices increased only $7 per unit, 0.1%, to $5,650, the RVIA reported.