Despite the outbreak of war in Iraq during the middle of March, retail sales of Class A motorhomes increased 5.7% for most of the country that month, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., an independent market research firm.
There were 3,707 new Class A units sold by dealers in March of this year, compared with 3,507 in March 2002.
Statistical Surveys was unable to gather New Hampshire’s motorhome sales total for March and the figures from Delaware and South Carolina were incomplete, according to the Grand Rapids, Mich.-based firm.
Statistical Surveys also does not collect Hawaii’s retail sales data.
Because of the strong March figures, retail sales of new Class A’s were down only marginally during the first quarter, compared with the first three months of 2002.
There were 8,688 new Class A units sold during the first quarter of this year, down 0.4% when compared with the 8,726 units sold by dealers during the same portion of last year.
Meanwhile, new Class C motorhome retail sales followed the opposite pattern. Class C retail was down in March but up during the first quarter.
Class C retail slipped 2.2% lower in March to 1,457 new units, compared with 1,490 a year earlier, Statistical Surveys reports.
During the first quarter of this year, Class C sales increased 3.6% to 3,308 units, compared with 3,193 last year.