RV industry supplier Clean Seal Inc. is a major provider of Diesel Emissions Fluid (DEF) hose for urea tanks that comply with the newest EPA standards.

According to a press release, since Jan. 1, 2010, urea tanks have been standard equipment on new diesel trucks, buses, cars and SUVs made and sold into the US.

“In certain applications (such as ambulance manufacturing) it is necessary to move the urea fluid tank, and that may require the need for additional DEF hose,” noted Steve Peach, sales manager – automotive hose division. “By providing the DEF hose in bulk we can assure our customers that they can move the urea tank to a more secure location on the chassis and still meet all EPA and CARB compliance issues.”

Clean Seal is a national manufacturer and distributor of weather stripping materials to the transportation, appliance, bus, rail, boating and recreational vehicle industries. In business since 1978, Clean Seal custom manufactures a variety of shapes and sizes of sealants for customers.

For more information visit www.cleanseal.com.