Web site cnnfn.com, a unit of AOL-Time Warner Inc., is carrying an article describing campground ownership as an attractive business opportunity.

To find the story, go to cnnfn.com and scroll down the homepage to the Small Business section and click on the link to the small business page.

The article quotes David Gorin, president of the National Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds (ARVC), saying a well-run campground will have a profit margin of “at least” 20% to 30% of gross revenue.

There are no significant legal, technical or financial barriers to entering the campground business and it costs about $15,000 per space to build a new campground, according to the article.

The drawbacks to campground ownership are long hours and “mowing, cleaning and repair work can be exhausting,” according to the article.

The benefits of campground ownership include spending a lot of time outdoors, a laid back setting and “the people you meet are in great moods because they’re on vacation,” according to the article.

The how-to article also provides tips on developing customer loyalty and lists many of the services that campgrounds need to offer to attract Baby Boom Generation RVers.