Wheelbase, an “end-to-end” RV fleet management software company, announced, in partnership with Coach-Net, the launch of the an on-demand roadside assistance product for the recreational vehicle rental market.

“The new offering, much like our unique pay-per-use insurance product, enables rental companies to bind 24/7 roadside assistance service for just the rental period without the requirement of annual membership. Our partnership with Coach-Net and approach to on-demand roadside assistance allows RV rental companies to protect their assets and renters without the burden of overhead costs,” said Jeff Cavins, Wheelbase founder and CEO, in a press release.

The partnership is powered by Coach-Net, an industry leader in roadside assistance. Coach-Net, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, operates roadside service for consumers through a network of over 40,000 service providers and 15,000 service locations in the U.S and Canada.

“Coach-Net is committed to the RV industry and continues to work tirelessly to help provide innovative solutions to RV dealers and partners,” said Kimberly Gregory, national sales director for Coach-Net. “We are proud to partner with Wheelbase whose powerful RV rental fleet management software can streamline business operations, while increasing profitability and exposure in this ever-growing rental market.”

All features are included within the Wheelbase software and there is no contract or monthly payment required. RV rental companies can set their own roadside assistance coverage price and create additional revenue.

logo-846ca4adRV dealers who offer service or repairs as a part of the business are able to become Coach-Net service approved. This allows a dealer to not only resell the roadside assistance coverage but also to become a part of the network of RV service providers. As an approved Coach-Net service center, any RV rented and needing repair would be transported back to their dealership.

 “This partnership with Coach-Net further demonstrates our commitment to providing innovative technology, on-demand tools, and new opportunities to drive revenue to Wheelbase’s network of RV rental businesses,” said Wheelbase Director of Dealer Solutions Spencer Cavins. “What we did with insurance we are now doing with Coach-Net’s incredible roadside assistance – allowing independent rental companies to protect their assets as well as their customers without the burden of overhead costs.” 

With the Wheelbase and Coach-Net partnership, both domestic and international renters from over 120 countries traveling across the United States and Canada can enjoy 24/7 technical and emergency support from a network of 40,000 service agencies with pay-as-you-go roadside assistance.