Coachmen Recreational Vehicle Co. (CRV) wrote “over $80 million in orders” during its dealer seminar in Las Vegas a month ago, the company announced today.

The sizeable order volume indicates the success of CRV’s new marketing strategy of focusing its brands on the largest market segments, said Mike Terlep, president of CRV, a unit of Coachmen Industries Inc.

“We’ve suspended production and discontinued models or entire lines that were not contributing to sales growth and profitability,” Terlep said. “This, in turn, allowed us to focus our efforts on the market segments that offer the greatest growth opportunity in volume and market share.”

CRV’s $80 million in orders during its three-day dealer seminar compares with Coachmen Industries’ $93.9 million in RV sales revenue during the entire second quarter.

“Within our important RV segment, as a company we must gain market share and improve profitability, in spite of the current softness in the RV market as a whole,” said Claire Skinner, Coachmen’s chairman and CEO. “We are confident that the aggressive (new product development) actions implemented by CRV should lead to the achievement of both goals, because each are served by having the right products at the right time at the right price.”