Coachmen Industries Inc. will report significantly improved profits for the third quarter, the New York Stock Exchange-listed RV and modular home builder announced today (Oct. 10).
Although Coachmen will not release its complete financial report until Oct. 27, company management believes its net earnings will range from 33 cents to 35 cents per share, which, based upon 15.5 million shares outstanding, would amount to $5.1 million to $5.4 million.
The company’s third-quarter sales revenue for the three months ended Sept. 30 also was 13% higher than was the case a year earlier, Coachmen’s management estimates.
If Coachmen’s estimates prove accurate, the July-through-September period of this year would be the company’s best quarter in four years.
In comparison, Coachmen earned $2.8 million in the second quarter and it lost around $2.8 million in the first quarter of this year.
In the July-through-September portion of 2002, Coachmen earned around $4.2 million.
Investment analysts had generally expected the firm to earn around $3.9 million in the three months ended Sept. 30.