Several Coachmen Industries Inc. officers and directors have purchased shares of Coachmen stock since the beginning of this year, according to the insiderSCORES.com news service.

Former Chairman Tom Corson bought the largest number of shares, 10,000. He paid $11.81 a share for the stock on Feb. 15.

Although he is retired, Corson continues to serve as a member of the Coachmen Board of Directors.

Coachmen closed at $12.81 a share in New York Stock Exchange trading Thursday.

William P. Johnson, another Coachmen board member, bought 4,000 Coachmen shares on March 23 for $13.81 and $13.94 a share.

Coachmen CFO James E. Jack bought 1,000 Coachmen shares on Feb. 15 for $11.81 a share and he purchased an additional 1,000 shares on March 27 for $13.19 and $13.81 a share.

General counsel Richard M. Lavers also bought 100 Coachmen shares on Feb. 16 for $11.58 a share.

Coachmen has about 15.6 million shares outstanding.