Coachmen Industries Inc., Elkhart, Ind., will reopen a motorhome assembly plant at its manufacturing complex in nearby Middlebury, Ind., this summer because the order volume from its dealers and retail buyers is on an upswing.
The facility, which was closed late in 2000, will be reopened to produce entry-level gas engine Class A motorhomes, according to the company.
Meanwhile, another factory at Coachmen’s Middlebury complex will build diesel pushers and perhaps some highline gas Class A’s, according to company spokesman Rich Allen.
Coachmen lost $4 million during 2001 largely because its RV sales revenue fell 26% last year.
However, because of a 25% increase in dealer orders received by Coachmen during the RV industry’s national trade show in Louisville in late November, and strong retail show sales since then, Chairman Claire Skinner conservatively estimates that Coachmen’s sales revenue, including modular structures, will grow by 10% this year.
Additionally, Skinner, who also is Coachmen’s president and CEO, forecasts that the company will earn about $12 million during the full year 2002.