lazydays logoLazydays RV Authority recently reported an increase in efficiency within their finance department after implementing an integration option with Coach-Net and Sys2K’s Infinity dealer management software.

“Our year has started and continues with great success. Here at Lazydays, we set high sales and service benchmarks, and we are relying more and more on our DMS software to meet those standards,” said Lazydays CEO Tim Sheehan. “The software is helping maintain the high level of customer satisfaction that has made Lazydays so successful. Sys2K recently installed an integration platform with Coach-Net that has tremendously increased our finance department’s efficiency for selling aftermarket products during the closing process.”

This integration option means that the Coach-Net Protect Suite information is incorporated into the F&I module, allowing dealers to quickly rate, contract, and electronically submit paperwork directly to Coach-Net with unprecedented speed. The interface enables the F&I manager to concentrate on customers instead of researching eligibility, price and cost. It accelerates and enhances the sales and financing process through menu-selling, payment options and credit-checking abilities.

Andy Glogower, financial services manager at Lazydays Tampa, commented, “We really like how well our Coach-Net integration works. We’ve had the integration now for about four months and the benefits are the ease-of-use and the quickness of registering. We save so much time with this interface, and with our volume, that is very important. Additionally, the integration cuts down on errors such as VIN entries, name misspellings, and other typos. We think the functionality works brilliantly.”

Dan Lopez, president of Coach-Net, said, “At Coach-Net we are continually looking for ways to make the experience better for both our dealer partners and our mutual customers. To know that this integration partnership with SYS2k is producing results like it is for Lazy Days is both exciting and affirming.  We are extremely happy to see it working so well.”