The Go RVing Coalition decided today (June 7) to begin planning Phase IV of its national advertising campaign on the assumption that ad agency The Richards Group would be rehired for Phase IV, even though financial arrangements with Richards have not been negotiated.
The coalition also decided to continue updating the creative elements of its ad campaign every three years, instead of every four years, as the Richards agency had suggested.
Phase IV of the ad campaign will cover the years 2006 through 2008.
The Dallas-based Richards agency is handling the coalition’s ad campaign for Phase III, which concludes at the end of next year.
The planning for Phase IV will include a coalition meeting Sept. 24 in Las Vegas during the national Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association’s (RVDA) convention. The September meeting will include a report by the Southeastern Institute of Research Inc. (SIR) about the effectiveness of the Phase III campaign and there will be a discussion about how much money should be allocated for the Phase IV advertising program and how it would be financed.
Currently, RV manufacturers fund the ad campaign by paying a surcharge on every unit they produce. Suppliers, dealers and campground operators also provide financial support in various ways.
This year, because of the strong wholesale market, the ad campaign’s media budget was increased by $800,000 to $14 million, said Gary LaBella, vice president of public relations and advertising for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).
Media spending for 2005, the final year of the ad campaign’s Phase III, most likely will be around $14 million again, LaBella said.
In late November, during the RVIA’s National Trade Show in Louisville, the coalition’s Creative Work Group will meet with Richards executives to approve the “final creative brief and strategy” for Phase IV, LaBella said.
The coalition would then meet about a year from now to approve the final Phase IV creative concepts so production of Phase IV print and TV ads can begin in the summer of 2005.