The GoRVing Coalition will hear presentations Wednesday (March 6) from the incumbent and three competing advertising agencies who are seeking the contract for creating the third phase of the GoRVing ad campaign.
The coalition will meet in Orlando to hear from incumbent Eisner Communications of Baltimore and from The Martin Agency of Richmond, Va., The Richards Group of Dallas and WestWayne of Atlanta.
On Wednesday, the coalition, which is comprised of representatives of all RV industry segments, will not select the actual broadcast, print or online ads to be used during the third phase of the campaign, said Gary LaBella, vice president of public relations and advertising for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), which represents the manufacturers and suppliers.
Instead, the Coalition members will see “speculative creative” presentations from the four agencies “to show what they are capable of and demonstrating how they see their proposed strategy best carried out,” LaBella said. “It’s important to keep in mind that we are selecting an agency to be our marketing partner for the next year and, hopefully, many years to follow.”
The coalition could spend as much as $40 million during the next three-year phase of the GoRVing program, so the competition for the account is big news within the advertising community.
“We don’t want a hard-sell campaign to sell motorhomes,” LaBella told trade journal AdWeek. “We’re interested in communicating the benefits of spending quality family time in the outdoors.”
LaBella added that Eisner, the incumbent agency, “has a lot of advantages because of its experience with the account. But when you are investing $40 million, it’s wise to make sure we can see everything we can possibly see.”