The Go RVing Coalition recently decided to study whether to buy, at a discounted price, Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.’s sponsorship of a nationally syndicated Public Broadcasting System (PBS) program about the RV lifestyle.

The coalition decided to have its ad agency, Eisner Communications Co., and the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) staff study the issue.

Fleetwood is offering to sell its sponsorship of Experience America to the coalition at a 25% discount.

Experience America is a TV program produced by the PBS station in Sacramento, Calif.

The nationally syndicated program is carried on 136 PBS stations. Fleetwood paid $560,000 to sponsor the first 13-week season, which began in June. Production of the second season of Experience America will begin in April.

Fleetwood is offering to let the coalition take over its sponsorship for the first season and consider sponsoring the second.

If the coalition decides to take over the sponsorship, it would have to trim its TV ads from 30 to 15.